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Volunteer Technical (iHub) Community

By Anahi Ayala Iacucci - Thursday 10th May 2012 1 comments

Hey all, I am Anahi and I am the co-founder of a network of volunteers called Standby Task Force (see I have been thinking (and discussing with Simeon) for some time about the fact that the iHub community is an incredible group of talented people, and that this talent should also be used to do something for the social good. The SBTF, for example, is a group of 800 volunteers from all over the world that get together when there is an emergency and provide remote support by mapping, analyzing data, monitoring social media, etc. to support organization on the ground to provide aid and relief in case of emergencies. I feel that the iHub is the perfect place for something like this, having also the advantage of being at the local level, where all of the members have talent that can be used to support a given social issue in this country. I would love to see if there are people that are wiling to contribute their talent and time to do something for their communitie

vincent libosso | Monday 18th June 2012

what if you are interested in speaking at your event brother