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Oracle/*nix Support Group

By John Troon - Saturday 8th September 2012 5 comments

Coming up with a support group for any product isn't easy. But My mission set is to have a support group for Linux and Oracle for any non-commercial members. The blog for the same is currently under construction. Mainly, students and any member of the support group can post/ answer threads from the blog. If you are an enthusiast Linux user or experienced oracle (Administrator or Developer) & you would like to take part in making this mission strike through you can contact John Ombagi Email: cell: +254 773 903 867 twitter: @johntroony

Erik Hersman | Wednesday 5th September 2012

How would the police know if the guy was just passing others (which is legal) vs overlapping?

Arthur Simiyu | Thursday 6th September 2012

@Eric The distance between the front vehicle and volunteer car will be able to show the traffic density and hence probability of overlapping or they can just use the clear cut images with the drivers trying to cut back into the lane.

John Troon | Saturday 8th September 2012

Nice. (what if the volunteers aren't in road, what if they are only using one route only, what if they are the ones overlapping). Cool though..