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Overlapping determent

By Arthur Simiyu - Wednesday 5th September 2012 2 comments

Last night while stuck in a jam with overlappers boring the hell out my life i came up with a concept that we can implement to reduce/deter this behavior. Basically its a small camera fitted into random volunteer cars which takes photos during the commute home, the photos are then uploaded to a central server where they are sorted and overlapping vehicles are noted down. The traffic police can then crack down on these offending vehicles. A rasperry Pi fitted with a cam, SD card for storage and a modem to upload the photos to server can be a starting point. Anyone interested in doing this?

Gibson Macharia | Monday 24th September 2012

how much does it cost to register a company name?

Catherine ngugi | Wednesday 26th September 2012

This is good, let me know how much it costs to issue email accounts with company domain names without necessarily having a website?