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Aynek Chama Software by Barry Songa

By Barry Songa - Wednesday 8th August 2012 0 comments

Aynek (Tech Company) has developed a Chama Management Software. The software is in its final testing stages and will be ready for free download this month (Aug 2012) in the company's website ( ). The software is an installable and will be able to operate in a laptop or desktop computer. It is code is written in Vb.NET and uses an embedded database. The software has various functionality: Contribution manager; Loans manager; Members manager; Bank & Financial Accounts manger; and Asset & Expenses manager. The application can also be remotely updated to fix any short comings that might arise and also to upgrade it. I (Barry Songa) was the lead developer with other developers. We hope you will like the software. Read more about it on our product page