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Welcome to the iHub Writeboard

By Simeon Oriko - Monday 16th April 2012 16 comments

HI everyone! We've launched the iHub writeboard to facilitate discussions among members in the iHub community. We're looking forward to your conversations in this space. Simeon Oriko iHub Tech & Community Lead

Simeon Oriko | Thursday 15th March 2012

@William A writeboard is public.

Moffat Ngacha | Tuesday 24th April 2012

iHub is the best innovation hub,a cool place with awesome people and a great developer community.

Joshua Musau | Monday 16th April 2012

Cool beans.

Chris Njuguna | Thursday 15th March 2012

Its really an awesome idea..check the dates for this post ;-)

William Nguru | Thursday 15th March 2012

So A writeboard is related to ones profile ama it's public?

miriam ndegwa | Tuesday 24th April 2012

love it

miriam ndegwa | Tuesday 24th April 2012

loving it

Kosgei S | Thursday 31st May 2012

How about enabling members who're online to chat one-on-one?

Moses Nderitu | Thursday 10th May 2012

Cool idea guys.. You guys are doing great

Areba Onchomba | Thursday 15th March 2012

Cheers dude!

Allan mungai | Tuesday 17th April 2012

this will provide a good environment for peeps to share

Martin Obuya | Wednesday 23rd May 2012

great idea! Simeon pls set a discussion agenda for each week, then let the community will keep the comments flowing..

Victor Kaburu | Thursday 3rd May 2012


Amen Rahh | Thursday 28th June 2012

I am in Mombasa and want to travel to Nairobi to visit ihub HQ. Is there any procedure to follow? I am an innovator with a project that is need of funding.

Simon Muigai | Tuesday 19th June 2012

Great. I hope this is the right place to ask a question?. Looking for a group of guys(software developers and /or designers etc) to develop a tour and travel software that will work for Kenya. Presently I am collecting data that will be fed into the system so that anyone can book a whole trip and know various costs for different packages. Anyone/guys out there that we could work together? my email: