East Africa's first UX, design, testing and training lab.




The iHub UX Lab is the first of her kind in sub Saharan Africa with a simple mission. To develop a user experience and design thinking culture Africa; to find and fill the UX gap in Africa.

There is virtually no design or user experience thinking involved in the development of products in sub Saharan Africa. As a result, the impact of these products is often minimal and way below their potential. The UX Lab is here to help change this. Startups, social entrepreneurs and corporates will have access to the lab. Please see the services section for more.

We believe that smart, user centric design has the power to change Africa, both economically and socially. Lets harness this immense power!


Mark Kamau
iHub UX Lab : Lead

Mark Kamau is a designer at heart and is passionate about design. He has been teaching design for over a decade and has international experience both in the continent and in Europe. He is passionate and excited about Africa and believes Africa should engage intelligently to solve her own socio-economic problems. He believes smart design truly has power to change Africa!

Kagonya Awori
iHub UX Lab : UX Researcher

Kagonya holds a Masters in Human-Computer Interaction from Carnegie Mellon University, making her the first African with an MHCI from Carnegie Mellon.
Kagonya is passionate about catalyzing the knowledge and application of user experience research in the burgeoning tech community in Kenya. Her interests include local content generation, mobile user experience design, public spaces, social networks and designing for rural communities. She loves swimming, swimming and swimming.

Abigael Wangui
uxlab : UX Researcher

Abby is a happy UX researcher at the iHub UX Lab. She is passionate about helping people create simple, innovative but USABLE and enjoyable products to solve social problems. A Financier by training she became a techie through experience and curiosity. She is a graduate of University of Nairobi.

Marie Amuti
uxlab : UX Research Intern

Marie is a budding UX designer with a major interest in psychology and human computer interaction. She believes Africa should have a voice in how and what technology it should work with. She has a background in software engineering and an all-round creative.