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Sage Revere


Sage media is a fast growing Entertainment outfit devoted to excellence in professional entertainment services outsourcing. Sage will offer the best of services in terms of service outsourcing. We target a vibrant and open consumer base that any corporation or company should tap into if they are to achieve maximum profitability Sage media provides a base where business and entertainment can mix without losing sight of its key goal which is to inform and entertain. Sage Media is powered by people who want to make things better. We want to create cool products, but not at the expense of the individuals who use them. That means building solutions that make sense to your mom, your uncle, your teenager, and even your cat. (OK, maybe not your cat.) We believe doing something challenging and important doesn\'t mean you can\'t enjoy the ride. Our founders are smart, experienced entrepreneurs who\'ve created several successful startups, but they enjoy a good laugh as much as anyone. If you see a slightly unusual error message or description on our site, it\'s because we figure you might as well smile while you\'re spending time with us. Fun and creativity aren\'t just tolerated here, they\'re actively cultivated and encouraged -and we hope you\'ll have fun too.


Name: Sage music Agency

Description: Sage media through sage revere has produced a first in Kenya, a fully digital music studio with top of the art interface, where we will be able to distribute and market effectively the music from the various signed artists in our stable. Through efficient and reliable outsource services we are better placed to revolutionize the music and the entertainment scene. We have partnered with up to 10 recording studios thus ensuring our artists get the best range of service and attention to cater to their needs.