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Praekelt Foundation


Praekelt Foundation is a technology incubator that develops mobile technology solutions for social good. Non-profit, innovative and open source, we believe mobile is the only way to bring life-saving information and services to people in Africa and in other emerging markets. We are based in Johannesburg, but have experience managing projects in various African countries. We work in close partnership with NGOs and governments to better reach their publics through the use of mobile technology.


Name: YoungAfricaLive

Description: YoungAfricaLive is a mobile community for young people focusing on love, sex and relationships. Created to encourage large-scale behaviour change, YoungAfricaLive is free to access for its growing audience of more than 350,000 young people. Background YoungAfricaLive was born out of the discovery that in a country with the biggest HIV/AIDS pandemic in the world, one of South Africa's largest mobile portals did not hold a single piece of information about the pandemic; where to get tested; how to practice safe sex and how to avoid getting it. This discovery sparked an idea at Praekelt Foundation to build a mobile platform that is entertainment-oriented, fun, interactive, and provocative. A platform that would not simply state the facts and "lecture" young people about the do's and donts, but rather create a space where young South Africans could talk about hot topics that affect their daily lives: love, sex, relationships, gender and cultural issues, as well as HIV/AIDS. Developed