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MFarm Ltd(K)


MFarm Ltd. is a Kenyan software solution and agribusiness company founded in October 2010. Our product, M-Farm, works as a transparency tool for farmers. M-Farm was launched after winning the IPO48 competition -- a 48 hour boot-camp event aimed at giving web/mobile start-ups a platform to launch their start-ups.Of the 37 initial ideas, M-Farm took away the €10,000 prize as capital investment. The founding team is composed of three tech savvy ladies with different areas of expertise. The CEO, Jamila Abass, is a Software Engineer with 4 years experience in web development. Susan Oguya, CTO, has experience in mobile app development. Linda Kwamboka, whose background is in Business and Information Technology, is the CMO. The founders left their corporate jobs to make the M-Farm product a success.


Name: M-Farm

Description: MFarm works as a transparency tool. It hinges on 5 main modules--Price Inquiry, Buying together, Selling together, Web CRM and Mapping farmers. It is an SMS-based information service where farmers SMS the number 3535 to get information pertaining to the retail price of their products, buying their farm inputs directly from manufacturers at favorable prices, and finding buyers for their produce.