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iHub Research Services

iHub Research crafts high impact, high-quality research outputs for improved decision-making. We provide the following services for stakeholders in the technology ecosystem:


Start-up Support

Affordable packages for start-ups to ensure their products and services are grounded with research.

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UX & Market Research

By applying principles from market research and human-computer interaction (HCI), we assist technology product/service owners to develop more effective, usable, engaging, simple and productive user experiences.

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Data Science

Consulting and trainings offered on the following critical research processes: Data Collection, Data Management, Analysis and Data Visualization.

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Hardware Design

Based on expertise developed by research through hardware design, we offer technical consulting around appropriate hardware design in the Kenyan context.

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Kids Hacker Camps

Our Waza Experience program exposes kids (ages 10 - 15) to a blend of design thinking and technical skills (in foundational computing, electronics, sensors and actuators). We hope to equip Kenyan students with skills to develop their ideas and inventions.

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