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SPIDER M-Governance

iHub Research's M-Governance project launched in September 2011 and aims to evaluate how mobile phones technology can be used to improve Kenyan governance, especially in enhancing transparency through access to water information, service charters and effective communication amongst the different stakeholders.
Our research is thematically focused on water, with the aim to create a replicable framework that can be used to study the potential of mobile phone applications in various sectors including education, health, and infrastructure.

The research will result in a comprehensive electronic report to be submitted to the tech community, governance NGOs, and relevant Kenyan ministries, thereby ensuring that the study provides real benefits and recommendations to those involved. A key aspect of the research is the identification of the gaps in water governance transparency.
A component of our project includes hosting workshops and a hackathon event to find possible solutions around the identified water governance issues. The aim of our research is to create new knowledge for the implementation of successful solutions on the ground including the involvement of different stakeholders to create a sustainable approach towards approaching governance issues.