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iHub Research works from within the nerve centre of Kenya’s technology community. The organization has expertise in technology research and facilitates local ICT research capacity in the region.

iHub Research shares stories about the vibrant East African technology community by conducting ICT research on technology innovation within the community.

We aim to change the tech research landscape in Africa by bringing together researchers from around the continent to collaborate and build greater African scholarship. We have experience conducting both large-scale quantitative surveys and smaller scale qualitative projects as client assignments and in-house projects. Past clients include the World Bank, Google, WezaTele, M-farm, ZegeTech, Pete’s coffee, SPIDER, Refugees United, Internews and Squad Digital. Current work includes an M-Governance study looking at how mobile technology can be used as a strategic tool in governance in Kenya; our ICT Hubs study assessing the impact of ICT Hubs model on entrepreneurs across Africa; an investigation on the use of mobile phones at the Base of the Pyramid (BOP) in Kenya; and the Kenya Open Data Initiative that is monitoring and evaluating a multi-stakeholder process for making open data more actionable.

Through these projects, we have developed critical insights around developing innovative approaches to tackle some of the most challenging issues that affect the lives of people across Africa. Our research has also provided evidence-based findings that influence policy and decisions among the different stakeholders.


Angela Okune
research : Research Lead

Angela Okune is keen on understanding the spread of information through ICTs, especially looking at use amongst disadvantaged communities in East Africa. In her current position as Research Lead at iHub, she provides strategic guidance for growth of tech research in the region and supports the team to run the 15+ research projects being undertaken at any given time. Prior to moving to Kenya in 2010 on a Fulbright fellowship, Angela was involved in corporate outreach to engage businesses in dialogue on sustainability at the World Wildlife Fund (Washington, DC, USA). She has experience working with infoDev (World Bank), the US State Department, and the Environmental Law Institute (ELI). Angela studied at Georgetown University and University of Cape Town. She is also co-founder of Waza Experience.

Leonida Mutuku
research : Research Manager

Leonida Mutuku is the lead at the new Data Science Lab at iHub Research. Leo is passionate about building capacity to work with data and using data science for business intelligence and informed decision-making. An actuary by training, Leo has a background in conducting both academic and financial quantitative research. Leo has previously worked at Family Bank and Barclays Bank and is experienced in research design, data analysis and creative visualization of data. Leo has also done extensive market and social research in thematic areas such as open data, mobile and web technologies. She works closely with start-ups and various organizations to realize the potential of data and technology innovations.

Rhoda Omenya
research : Grants Manager

Rhoda brings to the team extensive research experience in the field of community development. Her focus now on spurring citizen participation in the tech scene, specifically, local tech solutions that empower communities. She is merging these two fields as part of the monitoring and evaluation of Uchaguzi and Open Data - citizen centered projects.

Nanjira Sambuli
research : Research Manager

Nanjira is a Research Manager at iHub, where she leads the Governance & Technology research pillar. Nanjira is trained as a mathematician with experience as a new media strategist for organizations such as UNEP, UN HABITAT, Africans Act 4 Africa, Global Power Shift, on their pan-African and international campaigns. Nanjira is also the editor of the Innovative Africa: The new face of Africa tech essay collection. She is also a musician. Find out more about her on:

Hilda Moraa
research : Junior Research Fellow

Hilda Moraa assists in iHub Research innovation and entrepreneurship studies, including ICT related in-house projects. Hilda received her bachelor’s degree in “Business in Information Technology” at Strathmore University and is currently enrolled as a master’s student at Jomo Kenyatta University studying entrepreneurship. Hilda’s experience in quantitative research, market research, management consulting, operations research in a fast-paced high-exposure environment has been invaluable in designing and managing research studies and implementation projects. She is the co-founder of WezaTele Limited which focuses on providing value added services and innovative solutions to SMEs in the micro distribution and financial sectors.

Patrick Costello
research : Senior Data Scientist

Patrick is a Senior Data Scientist at iHub. He has a keen interest in all things quantitative modeling and the insights they brings to wide variety of fields. He has a PhD in mathematical physics, has worked as an economic modeler for the Australian Government and also in finance and investment banking. His main focus currently is on the technical aspects of the projects being undertaken by the Data Science and Visualisation Lab. He also runs regular trainings as part of internal and external capacity building. Patrick is part of the Australian Volunteers for International Development program.

Anne Salim
research : Researcher

Anne Salim studies the growth of African mobile-based education with a focus on the sustainable use of technologies in schools. As a researcher at iHub, she leads the  research programs on M-Governance and EdTech . M-Governance study has focused on the role of mobile devices for enhancing transparency in governance of the water sector.  Anne studied Business Information Technology from Strathmore University and her interests include applying Design Thinking processes to Kenya, as well as facilitating Hackathon events.

Albert Otieno Orwa
research : Junior Research Fellow

As a statistician, Albert's main role at iHub Research entails entry, visualization of graphics and analysis of various projects. He explains complex ideas and findings in a way that can easily be understood. Albert holds a BSc. In Applied Statistics with Computing and is currently working on his masters in social statistics. He is passionate about research.

Chris Orwa
research : Junior Data Scientist

Chris is passionate about Data Mining, Behavioural Economics, Business Modelling and Technology. Previously a co-founder and operations manager at Doban Africa Ltd, a data mining start-up company specializing in optimization of business processes through analytics. Chris holds a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science from Kenyatta University with focus in artificial intelligence and computer graphics.

Brian Omwenga
research : Senior Research Fellow

Brian holds an MSc in Computer Science from MIT University and is a PhD candidate at the University of Nairobi, School of Computing and Informatics. He specializes in Design and Analysis of Algorithms, research, project management, software engineering and development.
He is currently a lecturer in the University of Nairobi, School of Computing and Informatics and a senior research fellow at iHub Research, where he is spearheading the African Technology Innovation Index study.
As a co-founder and chair in the Tech Innovation Society of Kenya, he uses this platform to promote understanding the African innovation ecosystem and has worked for international organizations like Nokia Research Centre – Africa and Microsoft as a thought leader in Tech-Innovation, Ecosystems, Modeling, Algorithms, Tech-Policy, Tech-prenuership, Cloud computing, Software Engineering, System Analysis & Design.

Faith Kabesa
research : Project Coordinator

Faith is fascinated by social media and how it is transforming conversations and reactions. She holds a bachelors degree in Communication. She has worked, and continues to work, on Umati—a project monitoring dangerous speech online. She is very passionate about research.

Lynda Okoko
research : Research Assistant

Lynda joined iHub in 2014 as a research assistant in Education Technology, although her background is in engineering. Projects she is involved in include eLimu, Karibu Centre and PanyaBot. She holds an Meng degree from the University of Sheffield.

Gladys Kitony
iHub Research : Junior Researcher

Gladys graduated from Strathmore University with a Bachelor’s degree in Business Information Technology. At iHub Research, she is involved with outreach and is also a researcher on the African Tech Innovation Index project – A project that perfectly intersects her areas of interest: Technology, Innovation and Africa. Her passion in technology leads her to inspire other girls to develop interests in tech and to become top leaders in the male dominated field, hence her involvement in Akirachix.