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Mark Kaigwa

White member Joined : Thursday 15th July 2010

  • Technical Bucket : Creative
  • About : I'm an online influencer passionate about helping businesses derive value from the Social Web. I\'m the writer of an award-winning videogame for Warner Bros. Interactive (their first African videogame) Pamoja Mtaani. I\'m also a screenwriter and professional writer of animation. I\'ve been involved in digital strategy & social media for the past 2 years now. Previously I was a senior copywriter in Advertising at Brainwave, an independent Nairobi ad agency. Some of my work includes running +One a digital agency in Cape Town South Africa with King James RSVP and Atmosphere PR. I\'ve consulted on Online Publicity and digital strategy in a number of contexts: with non-profits, brands and advertising agencies. As a speaker I\'ve spoken at conferences, workshops and on different engagements including the Africa Gathering Conference, The Graduate School of Business at the University of Cape Town, The Old Mutual Business School and contributed to the Ogilvy Digital Marketing A
  • Residence : South B
  • Nationality :