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Michael Pedersen

White member Joined : Thursday 15th July 2010

  • Technical Bucket : Developer
  • About : My passion is for the intersection between business and IT. In particular business processes and operations, and for improving these through clever use of IT. Talk to me about process mapping and optimisation and we will get along very well. As a manager my main focus is on employee retention, and training. My approach is that of mentorship where I try to empower the individual employee to excellence through mentoring and instilling a learning culture. As a business owner my strength is more in operations than in marketing. Building scaleable business operations is my strength. I am the introvert that really enjoys spending hours and hours on the details that will streamline a given process. Through my activities in East Africa I have gained a great understanding about how the East African society works, and especially how SME's operate in the region. As a person I have a very curious mind, meaning that I am always gaining new knowledge (take a look at my library), and I am
  • Residence : Ngumo
  • Nationality :