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Ben White

White member Joined : Thursday 15th July 2010

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  • About : I am a business professional with several years of international experience. I have worked in project management, consultancy and business development. I have worked in Europe, Central/Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Africa. I work with both the public and private sector. - I first visited Africa in 91\' and later returned to help launch Africa Report as the first African Business News program, a predecessor to CNBC Africa. - Next I joined a small team to start Africa Interactive the online publisher of Now a leading press agency with over 900 reporters, film makers and photographers in over 35 African countries. - Recently I founded as a platform for connecting investors and entrepreneurs dedicated to building new businesses on the continent. - We host VC4Africa meetups and have hosted gatherings in New York, San Francisco, Atlanta, Washington DC, London, Abuja, Johannesburg, Kampala, Nairobi and Kigali. - I actively support Appfrica La
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