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Godfrey Omanga

White member Joined : Sunday 24th April 2011

  • Technical Bucket : Developer
  • About : GODFREY ONYIEGO Postal Address: 17322 -00100 Nairobi Kenya Cell Phone: 0711174230 Email: Date of Birth: 1st January 1988 Gender: Male Marital Status: Single Religious Faith: Christian/SDA Profile  Generally, I flexibly do work as part of a team. I developed project management and IT skills earned from subsequently done project, pooled with a flexible attitude to work. I create good working relationships in work environment, adaptable and quick to learn new skills.  As a server administrator, I am in charge of implementing and managing some of the most important technology in the organization—the servers. I like to use extensive monitoring and profiling tools to manage the network and tune systems so they perform at optimal levels. I am an expert in Active Directory, and have an in-depth understanding of network protocols, plus file and directory security.  As a programmer, I am an expert in using the dynamic programmi
  • Residence : South C
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