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Benson Muriithi

White member Joined : Wednesday 22nd September 2010

  • Technical Bucket : Developer
  • About : I am a web designer, flash designer, CSS designer and freelance multimedia designer, based in Nairobi, Kenya. Having experience of almost 2 years in the field, I am a creative professional , induldge into professional website development. My passion for strong, unique design and creative expression drive me to do what I do. Not like many other web design firms, i strive to push the boundaries of design across all mediums to create new and immersive users experiences. My creative inspiration comes mostly from the nature itself. When I'm not designing I like to spend my time with my family. I'm a big Rock Music fan and can listen to it all day long. Born in Nairobii, Kenya, living with my adorable family, working full time as a web designer. So what else? I'm 5ft 9", Taurus, have good looks, Christiani by religion & by heart, single, still searching for girl of my dreams... oh!!, and my name is..................Benson Muriithi aka, Benito Murray.
  • Residence : Kariobangi South
  • Nationality :