To catalyze the Kenyan tech community’s growth.


iHub First Look - Nairobi's Tech Innovation Hub

[This is the first look at the future iHub, the space it will be in and where it's located. Opening day is March 3, 2010.]

The iHub is a space for the technologists, investors, tech companies and hackers in Nairobi, Kenya. This space is a tech community facility with a focus on young entrepreneurs, web and mobile phone programmers and designers. It is part open community workspace (co-working), part investor and VC hub and part incubator.

High speed internet, a comfortable and cool working environment, and a space for events and meetings to take place is what the iHub is about. It's run and managed by members of the local tech community.

It isn’t just a business. The end goal of the Innovation Hub in Nairobi is not to make money and be more profitable. Instead, it is to grow a stronger technology community in Nairobi, one where developers, designers, VCs and businesses are all better connected and mutually benefiting from the growth.Team