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Social Media Platform Manager1

  • Company: Brand Design Development (Brand2D)
  • Deadline: Friday 30th August 2013
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description

This Social Media Platform Manager position will be responsible for actively engaging customers and influencers within the social media channel. 

This Social Media Platform Manager position will collaborate with functional teams throughout the company & clients to drive interest, conversation, and sales for the brand and products.

Responsibilities of the Social Media Platform Manager include:

Content related activities

Day-to-day management and development of content on social media platforms, including tweets, posts, and discussions

Work directly with the relevant stakeholders to develop an ongoing communication strategy and publishing calendar based on marketing objectives and online feedback

Engage with internal departments to identify content opportunities

Community interaction activities

Proactively interact with online communities across all platforms

Generate online buzz and interaction.

Answer questions and engage in conversations where necessary

Work with relevant teams to route customer care related conversations

Help identify and engage topic influencers and brand advocates

Manage brand reputation

Monitoring activities

Use social media monitoring tools to monitor conversations and report on metrics

Route conversations to appropriate internal team for response, as necessary

This position Social Media Community Manager requires:

Degree in Marketing, Communications or Related Field (Preferred, Not Required)

1+ years’ experience in online marketing with focus on social media

Strong knowledge of social media monitoring tools and metrics

Ability to multi-task & work in a Fast Paced Environment

Candidate should be a team player.

How to apply

Send a cover letter & your updated CV to