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  • Company: On Cue Digital Limited
  • Deadline: Tuesday 30th July 2013
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description

We're looking for a slightly crazy graphic designer to join our Mathare Hospital escapee team. If you have skills in Photoshop and Illustrator and a creative mind that is so far out of the box it doesn't even know that the box exists, you are the person for the job.

Technical expertise in order of priority include:



After Effects

Pencil and Paper (collabo)

A degree in Graphic Design or additional illustration skills or expertise in 3dsMax or Maya will be a plus.

Expected roles are as follows:

Graphic Design for print and digital use in the form of templates and layouts.

Graphic Design for online use in the form of websites, banners and images.

Creation of original artwork in the form of illustrations or brush sets.

Project Management

Liaison with individuals in the digital media community.

Researching the effects of flying monkeys on unsuspecting pedestrians.

How to apply

Send an email with copies of your CV and Portfolio to