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Digital Producer1

  • Company: Mondeas Ltd
  • Deadline: Wednesday 10th July 2013
  • Location: NAIROBI
Job Description

Maintaining and developing our two websites ( and with an emphasis on the day-to-day maintenance, uploads of content, SEO, and basic problem solving. Every week we put out a newsletter for each publication, which will also be your responsibility.

Basically you will:

- be a kick-ass ninja at web languages, especially PHP

- own WordPress sites and have experience of the beauties and uglies that are Word Press deployments and plug-ins

- Be able to name your top 5 favourite Word Press themes

- like to be exposed to the most interesting and cutting edge people, events and workspace in Nairobi

- have supported web services in the past that need to be live 'all the time'

- enjoy discussing new projects, ideas and things that can be done for us using the Internet

- want to make everything easier and better, so that the day-to-day tasks can be done quickly allowing for the rest of the time to be spent creatively making the Mondeas Media world a better place

- have a penchant and passion for developing new web products and applications

- have a deep understanding of e-commerce platforms and their development

- You will be our only in-house web employee, which requires a high level of independence as well as a broad network of other IT people who can help you out when you come across a problem you can’t solve yourself. 

We are constantly developing our web products and there will be opportunities for you to work with other developers on individual projects.  

Pay will be dependent upon experience

How to apply

If your interested send and email with your application and CV to