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Backend Developer1

  • Company: Brand2D
  • Deadline: Thursday 20th June 2013
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description

You are really really ......I mean REALLY passionate about your job and you are always one step ahead of everyone.

An advanced knowledge of PHP and/or Ruby alongside their top frameworks;

A proficiency in Javascript/Jquery, the DOM, DHTML and AJAX is a big plus 

You know SQL and NoSQLand when to use them,

You have a deep understanding of Wordpress in and out;

A real team player and you'll be part of something big,

Fast learner(and you learn something new everyday),

You do mobile development or you want to dive in it,

Did we say you must be passionate about your job?

You’re passionate about new trends and developments (we may have mentioned that once or twice)

You must be able to understand the fun, challenges and long-term benefits of working with one of the most creative kenyan agencies. 

Your mum/girlfriend doesn't understand a word of what you say when talking about your work.

How to apply

Send an email and portfolio to