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Art Director1

  • Company: Squad Digital
  • Deadline: Monday 30th May 2011
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description

Job Description

You are a radical thinker who is looking for an opportunity to do the work of your life. You  can balance design thinking with business requirements and technical considerations.

You have a unique style and the ability to develop eye popping visual communication that brings ideas to life and launches them across multiple digital platforms.

You must be a great executer, with the ability to follow through and stay engaged from sketches, brainstorm, “light bulb” moments, iterations, production, client hang ups and post launch. 

You must be proactive, you must be able to hold your own and provide idea leadership in a team of highly opinionated writers, techies, designers, client service and strategy minds. 

As a team leader you will be needed to plan and scope complex assignments into actionable tasks and deliver A-class creative assets.

You must be obsessive about your craft, inquisitive and most importantly you must be pleasant to work with.

Personal Specification

  • Eyes open, Ears perked, Brain on overdrive, Objective and honest.
  • We value exceptional talent but we will only work with team players – no Prima donnas.
  • Self-Starter - Looking for candidates who can jump in quickly without a lot of direction.

Required Skills

  • A solid understanding of design (typography, color theory, composition, balance.
  • Rapid conceptualization and prototyping.
  • Flash / AS3 / HTML / CSS / jQuery skills and an understanding of JavaScript.
  • Photoshop / Illustrator  / Fireworks concept and prototyping.
  • Military level attention to detail.
  • Good understanding of user centered design Ux / Ui.
  • Experience with directing sets and shoots for video and photography.
  • Assist in leading, developing and growing the design team.

Our "must haves"

  • A passion for technology and design.
  • Passionate, approachable, upbeat and fun.
  • Good coaching, training, developing, and mentoring skills.

How to apply

Please send your application to: