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Developer 2

  • Company: Ondemand Mobile
  • Deadline: Friday 30th August 2013
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description

We are looking for a versatile developer with predominant skills in java but who is comfortable in any 

language environment including the .NET framework.


Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science or related discipline

-some experience in developing custom-built software, you will be required to show Projects done.

-Problem solving and analytic  skills.

-Ability to work with a team and to learn.

-Good communication skills.

-Ability to be adaptable and flexible

Specialist knowledge required:

-knowledge in mobile platform development (Android and windows) 

-Proficient with CSS and JavaScript 

-Knowledge of Java/Spring or Vaadin frameworsk

-Familiarity with the .NET framework

-Experience with traditional RDBMS databases, such as Postgres, MySQL, Oracle, etc.

-Knowledge and experience of professional software practices including source code control, bug 

tracking, unit testing and code reviews.

-Enthusiasm for working in a fast-paced start-up. We ship to hundreds of people on a very regular 

basis, with tight schedules and small teams, and it takes a certain kind of energy and drive to get it 

done! Comfortable with both object oriented and procedural programming methodologies


-You will develop and maintain new and existing mobile/web applications in our agile environment. -

Participate in all phases of our software development life cycle to convert concepts and specifications 

into deployed applications and features. 

-Interact daily with the systems and processes used in professional software development, including 

source control, bug tracking, testing, etc. 

-Within the first three months of work, you will design, prototype, implement and deploy one or more 

core web/mobile platform services. 

-The process will include developing an early understanding of the product, documenting design and 

code details and participating in peer code reviews. The resulting service will require integration with 

other existing web/mobile systems.

-Write maintainable code with extensive test coverage.

-Tackle complex problems in distributed computing, visualization performance, distributed queuing, 

and more. 

Nice to Haves: 

-Struts framework experience. 

-Ruby or Ruby on Rails  experience. 

-PHP experience. 

-Mobile app development Experience with payments processing and/or Social API’s (Facebook, 

Twitter, etc.)

How to apply

Please send detailed CV and cover letter to