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ICT Hubs Senior Researcher1

  • Company: iHub Research
  • Deadline: Tuesday 1st January 2013
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description

Project overview:

iHub Research is conducting ongoing research to understand the unique factors that make up ICT Hub models across Africa. The objective of the study is to understand the models of the Hubs/Labs, its entrepreneurs and the sustainable impact of these Hubs/Labs in spurring innovations that improve livelihoods.


The candidate will be expected to perform the following tasks:


Main job tasks/responsibilities:

1      Learning and understanding existing frameworks created for the ICT Hubs  project

2      Assist in conducting thorough literature review and systematic documentation

3      Planning and coordination of activities required to study a specific Hub

4      Develop and design methodologies that will be required in each Hub study context

5      Conduct data collection and data entry with the assistance of a research assistant in the Hub

6      Preparing budgets and action plans for each Hub study

7      Assist in identifying potential funding opportunities/grants for the project

8      Attending events, presenting and communicating on the ICT Hubs research to key stakeholders, Hubs, among other avenues

9      Work closely with the Research Assistants to make sure the project timelines and goals are achieved at the end of each Hub study

10   Analyze the findings of each Hub study

11   Assist in reporting and documentation of findings


Education & expertise:

●      A degree in IT, computer science, innovation, or a related field

●      Experience in business or working on/with a start-up will be an added advantage

●      At least 1 year experience in research and writing proposals and reports related to ICT

●      Conversant with ICT Hubs in Africa and vast knowledge on their models

●      A master or PhD in entrepreneurship or science-related field is a plus


Key Competence:

●      Excellent written and verbal communication skills

●      Great personality

●      Self-driven and passionate about ICT and development

●      Team player

●      Strong leadership skills

●      Adaptability

●      Ability to make strategic decisions that will lead to the success of the project

●      Innovative and creative

●      Result oriented

●      Ability to multi-task

How to apply

Send your CVs and a cover letter through this email