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Database-Driven Web Application Developer1

  • Company: Independent Entrepreneur
  • Deadline: Tuesday 1st January 2013
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description

Independent entrepreneur currently seeking an experienced developer versed in database driven site development. Automatic money transactions required, high security a top priority


This is a short-term contract based assignment with key defined deliverables. The project will be composed of milestones, with a percentage of payment given on the completion of each milestone.  

Requirements - 

  1. PHP developer with extensive experience building secure database-driven applications. 
  2. Extensive experience developing ecommerce applications and securely handling cash transactions. 
  3. Extensive experience with MySQL database setup, management and integration with PHP. 
  4. Experience writing code in JavaScript code and working with jQuery and jQuery plugins. 
  5. Must be able to demonstrate a high standard of creative design skills and have ability to work with Adobe Fireworks, Illustrator and Photoshop to create HTML templates. 
  6. Write standards compliant HTML code and know how to use latest HTML5 features. 
  7. Must be able to develop a highly secure mechanism to handle unique votes for a ranking application based on user-votes.  
  8. Write CSS code and have knowledge of the differences between CSS2 and CSS3 and common CSS browser compatibility issues. 
  9. Experience with Linux and using SSH to setup and manage websites. 
  10. Good oral and written communication skills and ability to easily grasp concepts and use initiative. 
  11. Close attention to detail.
  12. Knowledge of international web standards and protocols.
  13. Previous applications developed by the Applicant must be available for demonstration.
  14. Applicant must have a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, Computer Engineering or other equivalent Technical  Degree plus over 5 years relevant experience

How to apply

To apply send the following to

  1. Your updated CV/resume
  2. Links to applications you have developed before.
  3. Attach other examples of relevant work-experience or a portfolio.