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"Needed: SMS/USSD Developers"10

  • Company: AfricasTalking
  • Deadline: Monday 31st December 2012
  • Location: Open
Job Description

AfricasTalking has built a mobile developer platform for building basic mobile phone applications ie. SMS & USSD in Africa at We have exposed SMS and USSD APIs in addition to putting in tutorials and documentation that make it extremely easy for you to get up and running. This means that developers can build their SMS or USSD Apps without worrying about connections to mobile carriers.


We are looking for qualified SMS/USSD developers to join our certified developer community. Developers will get the opportunity to work on client projects on a competitive basis and the chance to partner with AfricasTalking on SMS or USSD projects.


We are also open to collaboration ideas for developers who wish to build SMS/USSD apps but lack the resources to get off the ground.


Why do more than 900 developers use our platform to develop their SMS/USSD apps in Kenya?

1. Proven reliability and 99.9% redundancy : Simply put, our connections are always up.
(We take away the pain of worrying about connecting to mobile carriers)

2. Ease of Integration with other platforms and systems: Our API makes integration a breeze

3. Most competitive pricing in the market at 1/- per SMS

4. We have a live USSD test bed in addition to shared USSD code, bringing USSD within the reach of developers who cant afford the high cost of an exclusive USSD channel

5. Excellent Service and Customer Satisfaction: Talk to any of our existing clients such as, & you can see why we're redefining the customer experience for developers in Kenya.

6. No set up fees, No Hassles, Get Started! It's no wonder that we now have more than 900 developers on our platform.

How to apply

Register at or send your resume to