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Needed: Rockstar Webdevelopment Interns3

  • Company:
  • Deadline: Thursday 15th November 2012
  • Location: Nairobi / Anywhere
Job Description is a young start-up focused on web and mobile SaaS applications. We are looking for bright IT students and graduates with experience in developing web-based applications.








- above-average skill and experience creating php applications

 - writing good, structured and OOP code




- experience coding JavaScript, Ajax, CSS is a plus


This internship is ideal for people who want to sharpen their profile as web developers. Here at you won\'t have to work a helpdesk. You won\'t have to set up yet another network. You won\'t have to explain to anyone for the 10th time how Outlook works. You will only craft web applications and learn how to get better at it.


You will work in a team the way it’s done in a proper software firm; by using a revision control system for collaborative development, with quality checks and real deadlines. You will work on real projects, with real responsibility. You will grow on the challenges this responsibility provides.


All you need is some previous experience in coding, willingness to learn and improve as well as a serious ambition to become a rockstar webdeveloper. internships are designed and structured to be a learning experience and to enhance your value on the job market; they are unpaid.


If you\'ve got the php skills it takes to become a rockstar intern, get started now! Send an empty email that only contains your CV as an attached PDF to and await further instructions.


We\'re waiting for your application!

How to apply


Send an empty email that only contains your CV as an attached PDF to