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Linux and Mesh Network Hacker1

  • Company: PAYU Computing
  • Deadline: Saturday 30th June 2012
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description

PAYU Computing is a start-up founded by three East African MIT Alumni and is looking to bring on-board a proficient hacker onto the team to further develop the product in Kenya. check out our website for more (but limited) details:


We have raised $50,000 to date from a well known Angel Investor in the United States.


We will brief all candidates on the vision of the company and where we expect to be in the next 5-10 years. We are looking for someone who can believe in our vision and has the required skills to execute towards the vision.

There is a potential of adding the person as a co-founder (and have significant ownership stake in the company in the form of shares) if we deem that he/she is very well suited with what we need

The ideal candidate will be proficient in the following:

1. Linux

- Familiarity with server-client model of computing especially in relation to thin clients (

- Prior use or knowledge of LTSP - Linux Terminal Server Project (

- Ability to create custom Linux User Interfaces and familiarity with Xfce (

- Linux OS hacking. Should be very comfortable diving into low level code (up to machine code)


2. Networking

- Familiarity with WiFi security enforcement, with experince using RADIUS for user access control (

- Proficient in WiFi devices and ability to hack and configure them as needed, including setting up OSLR meshing on DD-WRT (

- Knowledge of mesh networking concepts. Refer to this paper to get an idea of the types of problems we encounter in our networks:


How to apply

Send me your resume at or call me at +254 718 079 421 - Ammar Jiwaji