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Web Interface Developer1

  • Company: Private Consultancy
  • Deadline: Saturday 31st March 2012
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description

We need a competent web developer to build an interactive front end for securely managing mysql database information. The database and design are managed by others. The focus here is building a dynamic website with simple streamlined functionality. You can develop it in django, php, or some other web framework. 


Terms: This is one-time contract work with the possibility of more limited upkeep and feature enhancement work afterwards. We expect the project to be completed in under 30 days, and you will have daily guidance / face-to-face meetings as needed.

How to apply

Please apply via email ( and include a portfolio including at least 3 completed projects that involve a web interface. Only projects that have been implemented on the web and remain functional will be considered.