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SMS Technologies Project Manager1

  • Company: Marie Stopes Uganda and Marie Stopes International
  • Deadline: Sunday 5th February 2012
  • Location: Kampala
Job Description


The SMS Technologies Project Manager will provide critical support to Marie Stopes Uganda’s (MSU) rapidly expanding portfolio of eHealth (particularly mHealth) projects. The position is funded by Marie Stopes International (MSI), with the role based in the MSU Support Office in Kampala. This position will coordinate the implementation of the new MSU SMS system which will enable data collection and communication between MSU and its various service delivery channels (social franchisees, outreach teams, community health workers, social marketing and centres) using mobile phones. Other responsibilities will include supporting the design and implementation of other eHealth projects, including a smartphone pilot.

The SMS Technologies Project Manager will report to the MSU Senior Research, Monitoring and Evaluation Manager in Kampala, and receive technical support from the MSI Innovation & Best Practice and Management Information Systems teams based in London.   

The successful candidate will have excellent project management and communication skills, and will be able to sustain close and collaborative partnerships with both MSU and MSI staff. A strong background (formal education and/or experience) in public health and/or information systems is required. Experience of implementing projects involving information and communication technologies, ideally eHealth or mHealth projects in low-resource settings, is also required.  


This role is a contractual role for six months, with possible extension.

Job title:


Reporting to:

Contract Length

SMS Technologies Project Manager

MSU Support Office, Kampala, Uganda

MSU Senior Research, Monitoring & Evaluation Manager

Six months


MSI is a marketing focused, results oriented social enterprise. We develop efficient, effective and sustainable family planning programmes in the UK and overseas. MSU provides services to men and women over 230,000 times a year.


The primary responsibility of this role is to further MSI’s Goal: THE PREVENTION OF UNWANTED BIRTHS and its mission of ensuring the individual’s right to: CHILDREN BY CHOICE NOT CHANCE


It is a role requirement that the job holder must fully comply with, promote and live MSI CORE VALUES:


mission driven 

customer focused 

results orientated 



people centered

Key Responsibilities


Note: All tasks will involve coordination with several key teams based within MSU (Information Technology, Research, Monitoring & Evaluation (R,M&E), Social Franchising, other service delivery channels) and MSI (Innovation & Best Practice, Management Information Systems, Research)

Coordinate the implementation of the MSU SMS System

  • Liaise with the external software provider (currently being engaged) and the appropriate MSU teams, to ensure all software requirements are met (including technical testing)
  • Assist the R,M&E and social franchising teams in developing the data collection system for BlueStar social franchisees (including paper tools and SMS reporting)
  • Coordinate a field pilot of the SMS system with existing  voucher service providers to assess system operation, stability and functionality
  • Following the field pilot, coordinate necessary modifications to the SMS system
  • Lead the design and development of training materials for the SMS system among BlueStar social franchisees and field management staff, and assist in training delivery as required
  • Liaise with other MSU service delivery channels (community health workers, outreach, social marketing, centres) and the R,M&E team to assess specific needs of each channel for the SMS system. In conjunction with the relevant MSU service delivery channel and the R,M&E team, coordinate the piloting and implementation of the SMS system for data collection and communication
  • Facilitate linkages between data providers (service providers) and data users (relevant MSU teams) to ensure appropriateness and usefulness of data collection mechanisms
  • Coordinate the ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the SMS system, including quantitative and qualitative data collection, data analysis and results dissemination
  • Troubleshoot any emerging issues with the SMS system
  • Provide regular updates to relevant MSU and MSI teams regarding SMS system design and implementation


  • Work closely with the R,M&E team to ensure the integration of the SMS system within the wider MSU management information system (MIS)
  • Ensure the structure and operation of the SMS system is well documented, with appropriate MSU staff (e.g. IT team} able to fully understand and maintain system operation
  • SMS system meets software requirements


  • SMS system is piloted within existing voucher service providers


  • SMS system is implemented within BlueStar social franchisees and other MSU service delivery channels


  • Data relevant to SMS system monitoring and evaluation is being collected and analysed




  • Structure and operation of the SMS system is well documented, with other MSU staff able to fully understand and maintain system operation

Support the design, implementation, evaluation and dissemination of other eHealth projects 

  • In conjunction with the relevant MSU and MSI teams, coordinate the design and implementation of a smartphone pilot within MSU (service delivery channel is yet to be determined)
  • Coordinate an investigation into the use of use of mobile money within MSU programs, including benefits and costs
  • Support other eHealth projects as required (e.g. client-side mHealth initiatives, electronic capture of HealthyBaby voucher program) 
  • Support data collection, analysis and dissemination of results for eHealth initiatives
  • Smartphone pilot commenced


  • Mobile money investigation completed


  • eHealth projects supported

Ensure the coordination of eHealth activities within MSU, and between MSU and MSI

  • Regularly liaise with the relevant MSU and MSI teams to ensure coordination of all eHealth activities, including the SMS system and integration with the MIS
  • Provide regular updates to the relevant MSU and MSI teams, and MSU senior management,, regarding the SMS system and other eHealth projects
  • All relevant teams up-to-date on eHealth projects progress

Skills and Experience


  • Degree level; preferably in public health and/or information technology
  • Advanced degree in a relevant field desirable


  • Experience in project coordination and management, ideally in East Africa (or other low resource settings)
  • Experience of implementing projects involving information and communication technologies, ideally eHealth or mHealth projects.
  • Experience in database management and/or software programming desirable but not essential
  • Experience in sexual or reproductive health or family planning desirable but not essential


  • Exceptional project management skills
  • Excellent communication skills, both oral and written
  • Proven competency in coordinating multiple tasks, assignments and deliverables
  • Comfortable using information and communication technologies
  • Familiarity with using databases
  • Quick learner
  • Creative and critical thinker
  • Able to work well with others in a team environment
  • Able to work in deadline driven/results orientated atmosphere

Attitude / Motivation:

  • Pro-choice.
  • Motivated personally and professionally to develop.
  • Persuasive, outgoing, personable, able to use own initiative but a good team player.
  • Strong commitment to the mission of MSI.

How to apply

Send a CV and cover letter to