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CSS + HTML Developer4

  • Company: Squad Digital
  • Deadline: Monday 20th February 2012
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description


Responsible for designing and developing reports on client performance, and communicating insights to management.


  • Ability to code pixel-perfect HTML (XHTML Strict) layouts based on Photoshop layouts and on the already-defined site template.
  • CSS familiarity – Working within include, if, and other logical structures – stronger CSS skills are a requirement.
  • Javascript – ability to code page functionality without the aid of common libraries such as jQuery.
  •  Strong proofreading skills, excellent spelling, and disciplined use of naming conventions.
  • Knowledge of various image formats – JPG, PNG, GIF – and proper selection of format & output quality based on the image content & size constraints.
  • Knowledge of analytics tracking tags – experience with Omniture, Google Analytics, DART, etc.
  •  Flash – familiarity with Flash object embedding tags & syntax.
  •  Source control – familiarity with concepts of source control and practical experience with at least one solution (such as Subversion, CVS, TFS); Subversion experience preferred.

Job Requirements

To demonstrate these skills please provide:

  • Portfolio of hand-coded, medium- and large-scale websites that demonstrate a mastery of HTML and CSS.
  •  Code samples.

How to apply

Send your resume to