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Program Manager, Data Reporting1

  • Company: Bridge International Academies
  • Deadline: Saturday 31st December 2011
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description

About Bridge International Academies

Bridge International Academies is a for-profit startup company revolutionizing education across Africa with a unique business model. The company runs a large-scale network of low-cost primary schools in Kenya that significantly outperforms other primary schools in the same areas because of our “school in a box” systems. Our schools profitably deliver this high-quality education for less than $4 per child per month, which enable the schools to cover all their costs and create a profitable central organization at scale. We have launched 37 schools in Kenya, we will double in size in the next 6 months, and plan to rapidly scale the company to serve more than 1 million students across the continent.
About this position
We have and are continuing to develop one of the most sophisticated approaches to providing affordable education to MILLIONS of children in one of the most challenging environments in the world. We have a need to recruit for the position of Program Manager – Data Reporting to manage all data reporting, data entry and data analysis in the department.
Key Responsibilities

  1. Leading the effective use and management of data across the organization
  2. High level examination of all sources of business data throughout the company, identification of gaps and determination of which analyses and reporting should be done to best use data to answer business questions
  3. Supervising a team of Data Analysts and Data Entry Operators responsible for data entry, data quality, data management, reporting and analysis
  4. Examining business processes and developing plans for how data can be used to improve those processes
  5. Working with all departments in the company to evaluate and improve the systems and processes that are used for data reporting
  6. Working with the software development team to design systems for data entry, management and reporting and to ensure that all custom enterprise systems have the appropriate functionality in these areas
  7. Establish and review policies and procedures for the entire company related to best practices for data capture, data quality, data management and reporting
  8. Contribute to overall IT strategy of the company

Specialist knowledge required

  • Ability to analyze complex data sets to answer business questions and improve business processes
  • Knowledge and experience with tools and processes for enterprise-wide data management
  • Ability to quickly understand and analyze business requirements and business processes
  • Knowledge and experience of management consulting, finance and financial systems
  • Knowledge and experience with SQL Server Reporting Services, Microsoft Dynamics Navision, and/or SugarCRM
  • Project management

About You

  • Good planning and organizational skills
  • Exceptional analytical and leadership skills
  • Good writing and oral communication skills
  • Good people management skills
  • Ability to be adaptable and flexible

How to apply

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