To catalyze the Kenyan tech community’s growth.


Front-end Developer1

  • Company: Dreamfish
  • Deadline: Wednesday 30th November 2011
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description

Dreamfish (Volunteer)

About Dreamfish

Dreamfish is the first peer-to-peer global work cooperative,  co-owned  by individuals with micro-enterprises from many walks of life in 24  countries. Dreamfish meets the basic human need for individuals to come  together across boundaries of race,  wealth and geography to create  opportunities to develop as humans and  entrepreneurs.  While discourses  about poverty are invested in institutional solutions rather than  human  solutions, micro-entrepreneur youth and women struggle to access a  market, overcome cultural blocks, recover from mistakes due to working  in isolation, and develop effective behaviors. These barriers to success  are human and social. 


Dreamfish can make the difference between  failure and resilience with  support to help move from isolation to networked, from apathy to   agency, from self-defeat to effective choices. As each person gains  income from projects with other Dreamfish members, member-owners invest  10% back in the cooperative and then share the profits and growth.  Dreamfish partners include Stanford University, Fielding Graduate  University, Nairobits School of Design, Craigslist Foundation, Poptech!,   Institute for Sustainable Development. 


How we work together

We are a small team of volunteers, working distributed from East and West Africa, San Francisco Bay Area and Midwest  U.S. We put people first and are professional. We  bring our humanity to work and play.


Project timeline: December, 2011 - February, 2011

Location: anywhere with good network connection

The Dreamfish mission is to connect any person from a rural village to  an urban street to develop a thriving livelihood through an empowering  mobile/web work community. Share what you're working on, ask for help,  hire and be hired, and celebrate your growth with like-minded people.


Project description: Looking for a CSS developer who  loves to do Wordpress theming and share knowledge of CSS skills  virtually with youth in Nairobi as you go. Learn more about the big  picture here:


Skills needed

  • Wordpress theming experience
  • CSS3, HTML5, Javascript, PHP
  • Git user
  • Show beautiful quality of work
  • Can jump in, learn and adapt quickly
  • Connect easily with people
  • Both team player and self-directed
  • Experience with open source community or working in online collaborative environment
  • Experience with theming other social software is a plus

Why do this? 

  • Change lives. Make tools that empower disadvantaged entrepreneurs everywhere to grow and develop
  • Mentor youth developers in Nairobi
  • Belong to a team of like-minded people

Get and Go!

We would want for you to jump in and start immediately on a project.

Most convenient if you live either in San Francisco Bay Area or in Nairobi, or have  distributed team experience. 

How to apply

Contact Tiffany von Emmel and Grant Bowman, project co-leads

Send a letter and links to previous projects to vonemmel [at] dreamfish [dot] com and grantbow [at] dreamfish [dot] com

You can meet us in freenode irc #dreamfish -