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Web Developer / Designer1

  • Company: Africa Partners in Safari Limited
  • Deadline: Monday 24th October 2011
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description

In June 2011, Africa Partners in Safari Limited (herein AP Safari) commissioned a re-branding exercise to better align the company to its target market. Now, AP Safari has also identified the need for a website redesign to complement this effort. AP Safari has already engaged a designer and copywriter and is looking for a back-end web developer/programmer to provide the technical (programming) expertise in this team to achieve a successful web redesign. In this regard, AP Safari invites bids from independent web developers.


The Scope of work will include (but is not limited to):

  • Initial meeting with the entire web development team at AP Safari and structuring a plan on website development, maintenance including content suggestions
  • Designing, developing and launching the website;
  • Training select member of staff on maintaining the website;
  • For a time period to be specified, correcting any mistakes that are discovered once the website goes live;

The qualified consultant will enter into a contractual agreement with AP Safari with terms that will be agreed on during the negotiations. All work must be completed within two months of commencement (signing of the agreement).




  1. Reviews specifications and time estimates given to determine if further clarification is required to produce results requested by user.
  2. Designs the company website ensuring it meets W3C Standards.
  3. Manage the company’s online database servers.
  4. Performs web metrics analysis, site performance monitoring and reports generation. This includes optimizing all content for search engine ranking for the period of contract.
  5. Work with the designer to ensure the projects are aesthetically and technically sound.
  6. Formulates documentation for projects and operations in accordance with corporate standards. 


Knowledge and experience with popular:

  • Content Management Systems 
  • Javascript, CSS/Flash/Animated GIF’s and web development languages. 


This position reports to the Marketing Consultant. May have day-to-day contact with the User experience designer and copywriter. 


We endorse a very practical hands-on approach in our work. Having a strong project portfolio, is therefore mandatory. 


Bachelor\'s degree in Computer Science or Information Technology or equivalent or Diploma in Web development or equivalent, plus 2 years experience in web programming. He/she will also have international web design qualifications and an impressive portfolio of projects showing their expertise. They will have experience in content management systems, knowledge in client and server-side scripting. 


The position requires strong organizational and communication skills. An out-of-the box mentality and a fortified can-do attitude to motivate the team are desired. 


We are offering an above average compensation rate for a two month contract.

How to apply

The applications will be received on email on For any inquiries email Mercy Gitau or visit the offices on AP Safari offices 8th floor Maendeleo House. All applications (Consultant profile and portfolio) must be received before the 24th of October at 5.00 p.m. AP Safari retains the right to reject all or any bids and to select any bid as deemed to be in the best interest of the company.