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Senior Web Developer1

  • Company: Medic Mobile
  • Deadline: Tuesday 1st March 2011
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description

Medic Mobile is a quickly growing startup looking for talented web developers to help us define and expand our webapp portfolio.


In the developing world, lack of infrastructure often prevents patients in rural areas from receiving proper care. Health workers are constantly on the move to reach these isolated people and are often as disconnected from central clinics as the patients they serve. Medic Mobile develops and deploys appropriate technologies that connect all parts of the healthcare system, helping clinics, hospitals, and healthcare workers save more lives. If you are a talented web developer that is passionate about open source, open standards, and healthcare, we'd love to hear from you.


While there are specific skillsets that we are looking for, the following job descriptions are more guidelines than nonnegotiable checklists. Whatever technologies, languages, or development environments you have been using, we expect you to have mastered them in depth, and we expect that you will be able to master any technology, language, or development environment that we need in the future.


A best fit for Medic is

  • an incredible coder. Your friends and coworkers describe you as an "animal"
  • passionate about open source and open standards
  • interested in healthcare systems
  • excited to work in a startup environment
  • appreciative of best practices but cognizant of when to do things your own way
  • proficient in English


You Will

  • help define Medic mobile's web application portfolio and spearhead its creation
  • coordinate with the field team and our users to determine new features and find bugs
  • write clean and performant code using the framework of your choice
  • analyze usage metrics to design A/B tests
  • load test, optimize, tweak, and perfect


You Have

  • worked on at least one high-performance, consumer-facing web site
  • expertise in a web framework of your choice (Django/Python or Ruby on Rails preferred)
  • fluency in javascript and at least one javascript library
  • expert knowledge of HTML, CSS, and DOM
  • solid experience with the non-programming side of development (version control, spec writing, testing, etc)


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How to apply

Send your application to: