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Software Engineer, Web and Mobile UI1

  • Company: Kopo Kopo
  • Deadline: Sunday 30th October 2011
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description

Kopo Kopo is changing the way consumers interact with merchants in emerging economies.  From mobile payments to advertising to customer service, Kopo Kopo is building a platform that transforms the merchant-consumer experience.   


Kopo Kopo is seeking a Software Engineer – Web and Mobile UI who will be responsible for making our customers more effective in their work by designing and implementing solutions centered around providing fast, accurate and rich data.    At Kopo Kopo, we value design, user experience, and attention to detail.    You will be working with a team of designers and developers implementing web and mobile solutions.      


Core Skill Set

UI engineers at Kopo Kopo are responsible for exploring, prototyping and building interfaces using HTML, CSS, and Javascript in conjunction with various web frameworks and in the case of mobile devices, Android and Symbian.  You will work on a variety of projects bridging design and engineering including:


Coding: Translate from mock-up to production-ready solutions using best practices, cutting edge techniques, and the best tools. 


Design: Work to ensure users have a delightful experience with all aspects of the Kopo Kopo product. User experience and user interfaces are top notch. 


Performance: Page speed, browser-support, up-time are essential.  


Tools: Promote best practices in front-end work and build/maintain a library of elements for other engineers to build new features.


Product: Build new features for existing users, spike on initiatives to attract new users, and generally improve user experience.


Security: Understand that it’s possible to build experiences that are beautiful, fluid and secure.


Additional Experience

  • You should also have significant experience with the following disciplines:
  • Rails/Grails/PHP/Django: You’ve built user-facing applications integrated with at least one of  these technologies.
  • JavaScript: You’ve built rich JavaScript applications
  • Visual Design: You’ve designed full web sites or other comprehensive systems.
  • MVC Architecture: You've designed applications using MVC design principles
  • CSS: You are intimately familiar with CSS design 


Desirable but not required

  • Ruby on Rails experience 
  • Working on a team using agile development methodology

How to apply

Please include a zip file or a link to your best work with your application. Apply for this position by emailing a CV and short cover letter to