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Web Developer1

  • Company: Onpoint IT
  • Deadline: Saturday 20th August 2011
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description

Digital Agency in Nairobi is seeking to expand it's team of web developers. Looking for: Web/Graphics designer

Job specifications

  • Primarily in charge of developing and re-engineering/enhancing  our web based (Core corporate) products 
  • Liaising with the marketing team to incorporate standard and dynamic market needs for our web application solutions/products that are being developed 
  • Liaising with the website designer/graphics team to incorporate any web based applications that need to be incorporated into any website being designed
  • Liaise with the Graphics/web designer in reviewing the user interface and navigation for the web applications being developed 
  • Continuous research and development of the company’s products to enhance the functionality to suite our customer needs and also better our product range to be above the competitive edge
  • Ensuring quality in terms of testing, debugging and ensuring bug free software which meets and in 90% of the cases supersedes the client’s expectations.
  • Ensure constant discussion, co-ordination, incorporation and management of customer suggestions, and needs.
  • Involved in the Quality assurance/testing  – Evaluating the system’s functionality & code

Minimum qualifications:

  • Degree/diploma certificate in Information Technology/Computer Science
  • Proven working knowledge of general technology issues, web technologies like web 2.0, Ajax, and more; with ability to adapt to changing technology platforms for development and user interaction.
  • Excellent skill in web scripting languages e.g. PHP, ASP, JSP, etc
  • Proven skills and experience in database technologies – i.e. MySQL, MSSQL, and Oracle, etc
  • Skill and experience in developing web applications using web scripting languages
  • Excellent interpersonal skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Organized, and has ability to work under pressure
  • Ability to generate client and management reports when required
  • Ability to work with strict client deadlines and under pressure

How to apply

Send CV’s through email to