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System Administrator / Developer1

  • Company: The World Wide Web Foundation
  • Deadline: Monday 22nd November 2010
  • Location: USA
Job Description

The World Wide Web Foundation ( ), a recently formed international non-profit, is looking for a System Administrator/Developer who will work directly with the CEO and staff, supporting the team and working on the implementation of its projects.

The System Administrator/Developer is a full-time position. The successful candidate will report directly to the CEO and will be responsible for:
• Supporting the Web Foundation\'s IT infrastructure. This includes user support, backups, Website management, etc.
• Defining requirements, selecting and implementing tools needed by the Foundation or by its staff
• Organizing and implementing the open source development and maintenance framework of the Web Foundation
• In cooperation with program managers, supporting and assisting project implementation with required tools
• Developing demos and mock-ups for Foundation projects
• Supporting the Foundation\'s code development: setting up a code repository and management tools, such as a bug tracking system

The successful candidate must have:
• A passion for applying Information Technology to help empower people
• A minimum of 3 years of relevant experience in a system administration or developer position
• A master degree
• Technical competencies:
• Expertise and experience with system administration of Unix operating systems (preferably Debian Linux), including mail and Web server configuration and maintenance
• Expertise and experience in Web development and Web technologies (markup languages, PHP programming, Java/JavaScript, etc.)
• Expertise and experience with CMS\'s, particularly WordPress, Drupal and MediaWiki (or similar)
• Expertise and experience with development tools (bug tracking systems, code repositories, versioning systems, etc.)
• Expertise and experience configuring and maintaining http servers (particularly Apache), including SSL, authentication and ACL\'s
• Knowledge and ability to support Windows users
• Excellent written and oral communication skills
• Ability to work as part of a team and to work independently in a startup environment
• Fluency in English

It would also be advantageous to have:
• Experience working in developing countries (particularly Sub-Saharan Africa)
• Experience in open source product development/organization
• Experience in voice technologies
• Fluency in a second language
• Experience with mobile technology development
• Experience in teaching or training
• Experience with graphic design tools: Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, etc.

The Web Foundation has a world wide team, and has extensive operations in Africa. The location of the position is therefore flexible. A preference would be for candidates living near other Web Foundation staff (Toulouse, France; Brussels, Belgium and Boston, MA, USA), in one of the Web Foundation project countries, or Geneva, Switzerland. While less preferable, other locations and remote working may be acceptable.

Compensation and Benefits
Compensation will depend upon the candidate\'s experience, skills and the number of work hours. The World Wide Web Foundation provides healthcare and retirement benefits to their full-time employees.

The World Wide Web Foundation was founded by inventor of the Web, Tim Berners-Lee, and is an international non-profit organization with offices in Switzerland and United States. We envision a world where all people are empowered by the Web. The unique mission of the World Wide Web Foundation is to realize this vision through transformative programs which advance the Web technically by breaking down barriers and building capabilities, and which advance the Web socially, as a medium that empowers people to bring about positive change.

The Foundation works to remove barriers to creating and consuming Web content, accelerate growth of the Web, understand how the Web works, advance Web technology, and ensure a free and open Web that empowers people to bring about social and economic change.


• The World Wide Web Foundation is an equal opportunity employer

How to apply

• Send a copy of your CV or resume with a detailed cover letter and references to (Reference: