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Freelance video shooter1

  • Company:
  • Deadline: Monday 1st August 2011
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description is an international web video series and platform in the making about high and low tech innovators -- "insider stories" about teams inventing prosperity in a digitally connected world. It’s an independent project led by Diane Hendrix, who recently partnered with Media Focus on Africa and Ideas Africa in Nairobi and at AITI/MIT, USA.  See videos at and We seek freelance video shooters who can periodically follow stories when our innovators move into action, and we seek a lasting relationship with a strong shooter/producer. 


Necessary skills/equipment:

  • documentary expertise with an artful eye for lighting and composition
  • relaxed, insightful interviewer who puts subjects at ease
  • HD camera (like SonyHDV1080) and lavalier, shotgun microphone
  • means to upload video for remote editing

Beneficial skills

  • still photographer
  • editing skill with FCP
  • technology smarts
  • social media expertise (FB, twitter)

How to apply

Please send a production resume and a cover letter (reasons for your interest, links to work, two references and daily rate) with complete contact information (website, email, skype, phone) to We are grateful for your time and interest. DEADLINE:  August 1, 2011 (DH leaves for USA)