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  • Company: Sematime
  • Deadline: Thursday 2nd October 2014
  • Location: NAIROBI
Job Description

We're looking for a Frontend Developer/Designer with a passion for building great digital experiences that are functionally and visually appealing. The successful candidate will be a tech savvy versatile problem solver that enjoys taking on a wide variety of complex challenges and then simplifies them into simple tasks.

This person will work with our product and marketing team on enhancing the user experience across the entire platform. Being a frontend developer/designer means having a creative spark, but a pixel level attention to detail. Your work will be front and center for new users that come to Sematime. For existing users, your work will be defining their user experience.


a) Style, skin, and enhance the user experience for already existing users.

b) Design and implement new user-facing prototypes, features and ideas.

c) Work with the marketing team to build and maintain our website, responsible for getting users to sign-up and come back to the site.

d) Design, own and maintain the UI/UX of our services with pixel-perfect attention to details.

Desired skills and experience

a) 3+ years in web development, and mastery of HTML, CSS, and Javascript (jQuery) with a strong understanding of the Twitter Bootstrap framework or an equivalent.

b) 2+ years of developing with a server-side language preferably PHP

c) Proficiency in use of graphic design software - Photoshop/Illustrator/Gimp

d) Can code a 960 grid in their sleep

e) Passion for cross-browser compatibility both in CSS and HTML/JS

f) Obsessive about quality


a) Competitive salaries

b) Full benefits

c) Generous stock options

d) Monthly office party

e) Frequent out-of-town retreats and team building weekends

Company profile

At Sematime, we are about two things: education and technology. We are constantly looking for ways through which we can intermarry these two in order to provide unparalled education experience in our schools. Since 2011, we have been providing 1,500+ schools in Kenya with tools that make it easier for them to communicate with parents, teachers and other stakeholders via SMS. 

Going forward, we want to diversify our product portfolio and scale our services-reach to all over the African content. To do so, we need some really talented and smart people to join our team and be part of this history defining moment. 

This is your chance, don’t blow it.

How to apply

How to apply

Drop us an email at jobs [at] with your portfolio (or website) highlighting your frontend skills, noting which part of each project you were responsible for and of which you’re most proud of.

Also, send us links to your Git, Twitter, and other accounts where you post your creations