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Web App Developer - Social Media Collection1

  • Company: iHub
  • Deadline: Friday 20th June 2014
  • Location: NAIROBI
Job Description

We are looking for a motivated web developer to work with the iHub Data Science Lab team on a short term contract to extend a prototype Rails app we are using to collect social media data and tag interactively with metadata. We are looking to polish the current implementation we have and implement new functionality we have designed.

We are looking for people:

With experience developing web apps, particularly in Rails framework

Experience with creating webapp user/session control

Familiarity working with social media APIs such as Facebook and Twitter

Can implement backend logic to match Data Science Lab team’s data collection requirements

Extend current front end functionality by adding views that users can interact with data collection session.

Can efficiently manage development to production cycle.

Proficient in database systems.

If this sounds like a project you would like to be involved in, and could contribute to, please get in contact by sending a portfolio of previous projects you have worked on to

How to apply

Please send a brief resume and a portfolio of web app projects you have worked on to