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Software Engineer1

  • Deadline: Friday 20th June 2014
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description


During the AfSIS planning grant period, several products and services will be developed, implemented and tested in pilot countries. Amongst other initiatives, this process will involve the continuous development of open source software and statistical workflows for spatial-temporal soil and landscape data analyses, and agricultural decision-support applications, including training modules and practitioner guidelines for analysts. These tools and open source software applications will allow clients to rapidly map and monitor variables such as: land cover for various crops; crop conditions; field sizes; locations of water sources and other infrastructure; household locations; terrain attributes; woody vegetation cover; eroded and bare areas; and soil conditions. The following consultants are sought to support these projects.


Under the direct supervision of our Associate Research Scientist and Scientific Computing Specialist, consultants will be expected to undertake the following assignments:

1.  Map Visualizations

  Consultant (1):   Duration:  4 months (June – Sept.)

  Develop interactive maps that run both on the web and mobile devices, and use modern techniques such as d3, info-graphics, heat-maps, animations, and multi-dimensional queries.

  Develop visualizations that can render on-the-fly, such that data updates immediately yield updated visualizations.

  Develop engaging visualizations of UAV-acquired data for agriculture applications.

o  Set up geoserver for hosting UAV data;

o  Set up Mapbox / GoogleEarth / OpenMapStreet visualizations;

o  Hook up visualizations with pre-existing surveying tools for crowdsourcing the construction of land-type maps;

·  Applicants are required to have +3 years of experience with front-end web development (e.g. JavaScript) and working with GIS technologies. Strong fluency in Python will be a plus.

2.  Full-stack Web Developer For Prediction Apps

Consultant (1):   Duration: 4 months (June – August)

  Develop both web and desktop applications with friendly user-interfaces for interacting with pre-existing computational engines for predicting soil properties across Africa, given georeferenced data acquired by spectroscopy and remote sensing.

  Provide UI/UX expertise to design and assist with implementation of said GUIs and underlying business logic.

  Graphic design experience to add aesthetics and artistic touches.

  Applications are required to have +3 years of Python experience and +3 years of overall web development experience, preferably including professional experience with the Django framework. Experience with wxWidgets and/or Qt for building desktop applications is a plus.

3.  Multi-platform, Buildservers, and Continuous Integration

Consultants (3):   Duration: Hourly, on-demand

We seek software packaging and deployment experience for each of the following platforms:

  Mac OS X software (1 person)

  Windows software (1 person)

For each respective platform, applicants should be able to cite +3 years of experience with building and deploying commercial apps in a continuous integration environment, and packaging technologies for ease of installation (e.g., InstallShield, MSI, .pkg, .dmg, App Store). The source code here is primarily written in C++ and Python.

We also seek a continuous integration specialist who can assist with setting up buildservers for automated testing of cross-platform code compatibility for a variety of applications. +3 years of experience preferred.

  CI specialist (1 person)

4.  Cloud-based datacenter infrastructure

Consultant (1):   Duration: 2 months (June – July)

Develop a cloud-based datacenter infrastructure for management and reliable storage of precision agriculture data across Africa. Ideal applicants should have +3 years of professional experience developing secure AWS-based databasing solutions, selecting product offerings that maximize value, and incorporating lifecycle management policies that are affordable and also reflect application-specific data usage patterns. Examples of relevant technologies include S3, Glacier, RDS, SimpleDB, ElasticSearch, and Redis. Experience with cloud deployment and scaling technologies such as Fabric, Chef, CloudFront, CloudFormation, ELB, Route53, and boto is also a plus.

5.  Mobile app developer

Consultants (2):   Duration: Hourly, on-demand

  Android app development (1 person)

  iPhone / iPad app development (1 person)

Seeking developers with +3 years of experience to produce prototype iPhone and Android apps for the retrieval and display of updated soil prediction computations at user-specified GPS coordinates. Developers will also help produce the secured RESTful API servers for the mobile clients to interact with. Qualified applicants should have a track record of building commercial apps currently available in the App Store or Android market. Native app development skill is preferred, but PhoneGap may be considered.

How to apply

How to apply:

Please send your application, indicating the assignment you are interested in as per the TOR, to, with a CC copy sent to, by 27th May 2014.