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InVenture Business Director (Financial Technology Provider)1

  • Company: InVenture
  • Deadline: Tuesday 10th June 2014
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description

The Kenya Country Director oversees all Kenyan partnerships, product deployments, audience growth requirements, customer research, in-country employees, office operations and finances for the InVenture Capital Corporation and is based in Nairobi, KE.

The Country Director reports to the InVenture CMO, but works regularly with the CEO, COO,  VPs and fellow Directors. To perform the duties of the position, the right candidate is expected to be able to concurrently:

  • Collaborate on strategy, business development and in-country partnerships.
  • Participate in software and financial product ideation, specification, testing and deployment. Oversee, review and report on deployed product results using established metrics and KPIs.
  • Work directly with Kenyan customers of our financial service products to answer questions, solve problems, survey and get customer feedback.
  • Proactively outreach, market and sell InVenture's capabilities to strategically-aligned partners within the corporate, government, foundation, academic and civic sectors.
  • Proactively identify, model and propose new opportunities for InVenture in Kenya ranging from one-off marketing tactics, to new uses for existing products, to new product lines and services.
  • Administer daily, weekly and monthly office tasks including scheduling, reporting, budgeting, bookkeeping, banking, office IT, employee development, and general problem solving.

At all times the Country Director will be responsible for ensuring close bonds and communication between all Kenyan team members and all other Inventure teams. Likewise, the Director is responsible for keeping the whole company aware, informed and alert to the short, medium and long-term work being done by the Kenya-based team.

The Country Director is responsible for serving as InVenture's chief company representative in Kenya and ensuring all company commitments, agreements, offers, contracts and arrangements are made exclusively in accordance with the company's agreed strategic and tactical goals and priorities.

To the best of the Director's knowledge and capabilities, the Director is responsible for ensuring the veracity of all reports, agreements, partnerships of business done by any InVenture team member based in Kenya, or any ongoing partnership, programs or customer products.

The Director is responsible for work assignments, work oversight, work speed and ensuring a high-level of quality of work is performed by all junior Kenya staff members as well as assigning and reviewing the work such that all Kenya team members are working at full capacity and full capability. The Director is responsible for hiring and terminating Kenyan team members, but should be done in very close coordination with and complete prior knowledge of the InVenture senior team.

The Country Director will assist in-country visits by non-Kenyan InVenture staff members, and VIP InVenture partners to ensure they are productive, and effective.

It is expected our new country director will have:

  • A college education
  • Can speak English and Swahili fluently
  • 2-5 years management experience
  • A high-level of comfort working in a very fast-paced, always-changing business
  • Instincts and Insights to make business critical decisions in short time frames
  • Lived in Kenya for a number of years
  • Willingness to be available for meetings between 6am and 11pm a couple times a week (as we), however normal office working hours are 8:30 to 6pm

The Country Director will work full-time in our Nairobi office and lead a staff of two others, but we intend to grow quickly on the success of a new product line.

InVenture is a lean start-up that is growing quickly. This means the chosen candidate will need to be very comfortable managing rapidly changing requirements and accordingly envision, build and deploy new strategies and tactics to quickly response. The Director will need to making the most out of limited resources, be able to work and act indepently and not be scared to try, fail, learn and improve. The upside to our methods is that InVenture is building a business that has never been seen before by providing highly desired services to millions of hard working people that have consistently been underlooked by existing service providers. The Kenya Country Director position will be at the vanguard of this transformative opportunity and will be an amazing, highly rewarding experience.


This position will pay a competitive Kenyan annual salary based upon experience. This position will also offer 17,380Ksh/mo for health care, equity options in the company, and at least one trip to the U.S. per year.

How to apply

To be considered for the position all applicants are to complete our application and include your resume by May 16th. If you have questions they can be directed to jobs[at]inventure[dot]org. The URL for the application form is