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Associate-Engineering and Research1

  • Company: Evidence Action
  • Deadline: Wednesday 19th March 2014
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description

Reporting to the Product Engineering Manager the Associate, Engineering and Research is a key leadership role for the DSW. The Associate will be part of the program’s technical team, playing an important role in leading dispenser supply and logistics management at Nairobi, supporting product development activities and contributing to the overall chlorine dispenser safe water intervention in Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, and Malawi

Hardware Design

Support the Manager: Engineering and Research to finalize the design of the Generation 3.5 Liquid Chlorine dispenser. This includes but is not limited to:

o Leading the identification of injection mold manufacturers

o Leading the identification of necessary injection mold changes

o Responsible for the delivery of a modified injection mold and supervising the contracting of the manufacturer

Support the Manager: Engineering and Research to develop the next generation Chlorine dispenser. Activities include but are not limited to:

o Leading the communication with field programs to develop design requirements

o Carry out specific design tasks in relation to injection and blow molding

o Generate CAD drawings as necessary

Dispenser Workshop Management

 Responsible for overall management of the chlorine dispenser assembly workshop

 Coordinate assembly of chlorine dispenser hardware within quality standards, including management of workshop staff

 Manage workshop finances – including management of petty cash, quarterly budget projections, and internal financial management and billing for chlorine dispenser hardware

 Responsible for managing workshop inventory and maintaining appropriate security

 Mentor junior staff to ensure focus on efficiency and quality

 Act as a liaison between management and staff to make sure priorities are aligned and objectives are achieved

Program Support

 Managing relationships with local suppliers, including production timelines, quality control and general process improvements

 Manage field trials of new dispenser prototypes

Hardware Maintenance

 Monitor hardware in field sites

 Responsible for the collection of hardware failure rates

 Make design improvement to ensure a robust product in the field

Qualifications, Experience and Skills

 Experience in manufacture, assembly

 3-5 years work experience

 A Degree in Mechanical Engineering, Manufacturing Engineering or Product Design

 Experience with injection molding (desired)

 Contacts within and knowledge of the manufacturing industries in Kenya

 Experience taking a project through different stages in the product lifecycle, from concept to large-scale production and distribution

 Experience developing design specifications, supervising quality control, and conducting field tests of product prototypes

Desired Attitude

 Independent, proactive and willing to take initiative

 Enthusiastic to take on a role with significant responsibility while developing personally and professionally

 Keen to quickly step into a position in a fast-paced, rapidly-growing program

 Motivated by the program's high potential for widespread impact on global health

 Interested in a work environment that is flexible, creative, and constantly changing

 Demonstrations of enthusiasm and commitment in the discharge supply and logistics duties

How to apply

To apply: Please send a cover letter and detailed CV, 3 references, daytime phone number(s), and email address. Your CV should include details about your academic qualifications and any relevant work experience.

Applications can be submitted by email to