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[Cloud && Java ]Sys[tems ]Admin[istrator]1

  • Company: FrontlineSMS
  • Deadline: Friday 18th April 2014
  • Location: NAIROBI
Job Description

We operate a DevOps team structure when it comes to organising as a development team.  This means that every one of the SIMLab developers working on FrontlineSMS and FrontlineCloud have an amount of sysadmin responsibility; this is not something we are planning on changing.

Where you come in…. we are looking at adding some specialist knowledge and experience to the team so that we can learn at a constantly fast pace and be ahead of the game with our technical configuration and infrastructure.  We’ll probably start with a full audit of what we have set up for all of our apps, cloud hosting and tools.  From then we’ll look at implementing improvements, optimising processes, planning future states and managing the regular maintenance tasks.

Maybe you’ll be more of a Sys Ops or Systems Engineer.

You will be an experienced sysadmin who can walk in and start to help out with advice and critical assessments from day 1.  You might be in a job and looking at moving, or you may be freelance or part time and looking at expanding your client base.  We are flexible and will talk to anyone who has the capacity to do the job.

It’s part time to start with, but certainly we plan the future to hold a full time requirement for this role.

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