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Frontend developer1

  • Company: DUMA Works
  • Deadline: Tuesday 4th March 2014
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description

Are you as passionate about elegant user experience and sleek design as you are about clean code and product development? Do you feel an irresistible urge to inspect and optimize the code of every new web site you come across? Do you feel a bit sick when you see unclosed divs and inline javascript? Do you want to push the boundaries of what job matching can be? Then you might be the right person for us!

DUMA Works is building a world-class job matching system and we’re looking for a skilled and experienced frontend developer to help us get there. As a frontend developer at DUMA Works you’ll be part of a product development team where you’ll help define, design and develop the future of DUMA Works. You’ll spearhead the frontend development and UX at DUMA Works, set standards, define methods and inspire the rest of the team. The work you do will help thousands of Kenyans take the next step in their career and if you’re built like us you’re thrilled by the opportunity to influence and affect.

Through a quick and agile development process you’ll transform ideas to working features, A/B-test to optimize and iterate your way to perfection. If you love to develop and create new products as much as you love clean and lightning fast code you’ll probably feel right at home at DUMA Works.

If you start at DUMA Works you’ll:

- Design and develop new parts of the DUMA Works platform
- Own the UX at DUMA Works
- Proactively run the development of frontend frameworks and architecture
- Actively contribute to the product development at DUMA Works

You’ll need:

- Expertise and deep experience in frontend development
- Experience and interest in UX and interaction design
- A passion to learn new things and master what you already know

It will definitely be useful if you have:

- Experience from working with Django
- Experience from working agile
- Interest and experience from SEO work
- Experience from working with git

DUMA Works is written in Django, and as a frontend developer it will definitely be an advantage if you have prior experience of the framework. However, if you’re the right person for the job, you won’t have any problems grasping and learning new frameworks and languages quickly.  We’re also very interested in hearing about your pet projects! We’d like to see examples of your previous work in the form of reference projects or code/design examples.

Company description

DUMA Works is a leading job placement and professional development company, specializing in short term, entry level, and middle management jobs in Kenya. Since 2012, hundreds of employers all over Kenya have used DUMA Works to save time and money when identifying qualified job candidates. We currently have 6,000 job seekers in our database and have matched over 3,000 of them to jobs. 

Our vision is to create an empowered society where no job opportunities are lost. Our mission stands to be the developing world’s job reference system, and to enrich and empower a global workforce. 

The team at DUMA Works includes 8 full-time employees: CTO, 2 backend developers, operations and strategy (company co-founders), community outreach, customer care, and office administration. We work within a mutually supportive, casual environment that still supports hard work, challenges, and personal and professional growth. 

How to apply

If you have any questions regarding this job or if you would like to apply, please don’t hesitate to contact Linus Lennstrand on