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SQL Database Developer1

  • Company: Aquaya Institute
  • Deadline: Wednesday 29th January 2014
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description

Background & Context

The Aquaya Institute is a non-profit research and consulting organization focused on improving access to safe water and sanitation in developing countries. Aquaya is one of the only organizations in the water sector that combines peer-reviewed research and technical innovation with on-the-ground programs. Aquaya maintains offices in San Francisco and Nairobi, Kenya. Since 2005, Aquaya has completed successful projects in more than 15 countries for clients that include private foundations, UN agencies, international NGOs, development finance institutions, government agencies, and the private sector.

We are looking to develop a database for the Monitoring for Safe Water (MfSW) program. The MfSW program aims to understand constraints to water quality testing among water providers and public health surveillance agencies throughout sub-Saharan Africa. We currently have partnerships with 25 institutions in 6 countries. As part of the program, Aquaya is providing financial incentive for institutions to conduct water quality tests. Incentives are provided in three categories:

1.  Up-front Grant. Each institution has received start up funds to purchase equipment, conducting trainings &/or develop data management tools.
   a.  Funding packages vary by institution.
   b.  Receipts are sent to Aquaya for items purchased and verified by Aquaya.

2.  Per-test Payments. Aquaya pays the institution a set amount for each test conducted over their current testing baseline.
   a.  Institutions send data monthly.
   b.  The data is cleaned, double-checked and verified for accuracy.
   c.  Institutions are paid on a quarterly basis.
   d.  Receipts are sent to Aquaya for items purchased. 

3.  Bonus Payment.  If testing targets are met and data is sent to Aquaya for 6 months after the program ends, Aquaya will send the institution a bonus payment. This amount varies by institution.


We are looking for someone to create a SQL database with the following specifications:

Data Input

Water Quality Data

1.  The user should be able to upload CSV documents with testing data to the application
   a.  Documents are uploaded monthly for each institution (25)

2.  Each document will be verified via another file stored in Dropbox

3.  If there are discrepancies, an error alert should be sent and stop the upload so that the errors can be corrected, and double-checked.

4.  User should also be able to upload a CSV document with institution testing targets that is compared to testing data provided by the institution.

5.  Once uploaded the data should be searchable and sortable via the dashboard

Financial Data

1.  The user should be able to enter funds allocated per institution

2.  The user should be able to enter monthly financial spending information per institution to the application

3.  Once entered the data should be searchable and sortable via the dashboard

Dashboard/User Interfaxe:

1.  The dashboard should display all the data collected over time.

2.  This data should be searchable and sortable by, month, country, institution, tests funded, funding type, amount due, payment due date, etc.

3.  These results will then be printed into a PDF report. This report can both be printed and exportable to Dropbox.

The application should be able to accommodate specific situations that will prompt for error messages. These situations will be provided upon contact.


1.  Review database requirements with team members
2.  Produce a solid, detailed technical design
3.  Write clean, modular, robust code to implement the desired requirements
4.  Source hosting option
5.  Work with the team to fix bugs with rapid turnaround
6.  Provide technical support after project completion

Applicant must be detailed oriented and have strong communication skills. We are looking for someone that will be able to:
1.  Evaluate customization options and tell us which are feasible
2.  Begin 11 February 2014 at the latest
3. Complete project by 25 March 2014

How to apply

Please send CV and cover letter with estimated hours and quotation for labor to