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Tana Delta Based Project Coordinator 1

  • Company: iHub
  • Deadline: Sunday 15th December 2013
  • Location: NAIROBI
Job Description

Project Coordinator for Tana Delta Misinformation Research Project
The Sentinel Project For Genocide Prevention & iHub Research

Duration: 21 months
Location: Tana Delta, Kenya

The Project Coordinator is a full-time consultant supporting the Tana Delta Misinformation Project, a major fieldwork initiative being implemented by the Sentinel Project (a Canadian NGO) in partnership with iHub Research and with financial support from the International Development Research Centre (IDRC). This project is research focused for the purpose of mapping and countering the flow of misinformation in the Tana Delta, where it has contributed to inter-ethnic tensions and violence in the past. The project also places a strong emphasis on information and communications technology (ICT) - particularly mobile phones - for gathering data and communicating with research participants and community members. The Project Coordinator will be based in the Tana Delta region under the administration of iHub Research and is integral to the success of the Tana Delta Misinformation Project by maintaining day-to-day operations, supporting the Canadian research team during field visits, and contributing to the analysis and dissemination of research results. This role involves a combination of independent work (often outside of an office setting) and teamwork with another Project Coordinator, the Project Leader, and other Sentinel Project and iHub Research staff.

Tasks / Responsibilities

The Project Coordinator's duties are:
  • Assist with the setup of an ICT-based misinformation reporting system
  • Receive reports via voice, SMS, and web and manually input them into the WikiRumours management system (eventually transitioning to automated input)
  • Update previously-reported rumours as new information becomes available
  • Assist with implementation of community information campaign to build engagement with the reporting system by Tana Delta residents
  • Recruitment, training, and management of local project volunteers
  • Notify project volunteers and community leaders / influencers when intervention may be required
  • Assist with preparation and broadcast of counter-messaging to reduce impact of misinformation when it arises
  • Measure effectiveness of counter-messaging by developing and monitoring performance indicators
  • Identify, contact, and maintain relationships with appropriate local stakeholders
  • Support to the project team during fieldwork deployments in Kenya, including
  • Assistance with logistical planning before and during visits
  • Coordinating meetings with stakeholders such as community members, leaders, government officials, and other NGOs
  • Joining project team members during field activities
  • Acting as an interpreter (English / Swahili) for project team
  • Ongoing recording of research results and lessons learned
  • External communications related to the project (e.g. responding to media inquiries)
  • Dissemination of project results (e.g. blog posts, situation reports, attendance at stakeholder forums)
  • Other duties as assigned or deemed necessary

Time Commitment

At least 40 hours / week during routine work periods in Canada As required in order to achieve project objectives during field visits by Canadian research team Must be available from start date in January 2014

Skill Requirements / Necessary Qualifications

The ideal Project Coordinator candidate will possess the following characteristics: Bachelor’s degree or higher in conflict studies / management, international development, security studies, or another relevant field Technologically literate and comfortable working closely with technical team members Working knowledge of how technological tools can support human rights, human security, and peacebuilding work
Eagerness to learn both independently and as part of a team High-quality written and verbal communication skills Fluency in English (project working language) and Swahili are essential Comfort working in a multilingual, culturally-diverse environment Comfort and experience traveling and working in less-developed rural areas Ideally, already based in Tana Delta region or experience working in Tana Delta Able to work independently in a virtual environment with little instruction or direction

Working conditions will vary according to the project phase since the Project Coordinator will occasionally be required to travel within Kenya.

The Project Coordinator position offers the individual filling it an opportunity to play a key role in an innovative project that will not only produce valuable research findings but also help to establish the Sentinel Project as a leader in the atrocity prevention field while having a positive impact by reducing the risk of future violence in an atrocity-affected community.

At the same time, the Project Coordinator will enjoy professional benefits such as being able to co-author reports and possibly also academic papers on the project results, which will be disseminated within the development and peacebuilding communities.

How to apply

To apply, please send a cover letter stating why you are interested in this position and an updated CV to jobs[at]