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Development of a web-based, interactive, and user-friendly application 1

  • Company: ILRI
  • Deadline: Monday 25th November 2013
  • Location: Nairobi
Job Description


a.  Background

The International Livestock Research Institute (ILRI) and its partners have been involved in designing, implementing and assessing Index-Based Livestock Insurance (IBLI) in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia since January of 2010.  Piloted first in Marsabit District in Northern Kenya and extended to the Borana Zone in Southern Ethiopia in mid-2012, the program is currently mandated to scale into all of Northern Kenya with plans to introduce IBLI in other relevant areas across the region.

IBLI’s objective is to contribute in a sustainable manner to improve pastoralists’ resilience to the considerable livestock losses they incur during severe drought.  IBLI provides pastoralists with a market-mediated insurance policy that compensates them in the event of drought-related livestock mortality. The IBLI contract utilizes the relationship between Normalized Differenced Vegetation Index (NDVI) and livestock mortality data to construct an area-averaged predicted livestock mortality index upon which index-insurance contracts can be written (see for more project information).

As part of its pilot activities, the project team as developed several critical pieces of software infrastructure to improve program efficiency.  This includes the automating of the index updating process to allow for near-real time information dissemination, an open-source mobile-phone based applications for sales transactions, a web-based management information system to track and store sales data and other related project data and so on.

b.  Overall Objective

As we work to scale up the program and develop the infrastructure necessary to catalyze sustainable IBLI provision, we seek to build a more comprehensive, web-based application with extended functionality encompassing; the automation of index-generating procedures; the automation of information dissemination across a range of output and format types; a facility for querying the system on historical index trends and other project-relevant data across program locations; and the ability to design hypothetical contacts by varying key contract features and calculating their impact on actuarially fair premiums and other critical parameters.  We would also want the system to integrate seamlessly with an upgraded version of the current sales transactions and information dissemination platform.


a.  Scope of Work

Develop a web-based interactive and user-friendly application with the following functionality:

  i.  Index Automation: Provide near-real time updates on the status of IBLI’s indexes across current and expected contract coverage areas in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia.

1.  Identify, download and read relevant satellite data as used by the project team.

2.  Run relevant data cleaning/filtering applications

3.  Run the data through index generating models

4.  Allow for back end updating of the filtering applications and the index generating models by the project team.

5.  Allow for selection of different data, filters and models to be used as necessary.

6.  Store the data generated into relevant database systems from which they can be called for dissemination.

  ii.  Interactive Information Provision and Information Dissemination: Allow for index and other relevant project data to be regularly updated, queried and disseminated in a suite of output types to be jointly agreed with the project team.

1.  Key information dissemination infrastructure will be the web site that will allow users to interactively view a range of program information that can range from graphical outlays, relevant tables and figures, reports of key performance features of the index, historical information on the index or other key program data etc.

2.  Functionality for various clients to sign up (or for the project team to sign them up) to receive a range of updates through emails, SMS, twitter etc.

3.  Provide other relevant area-specific information as agreed with the project team that may be available and valuable for clients.

  iii.  Contract Designer:  Develop functionality that allows users to manipulate various contract features and test their impact on key contract parameters.

1.  Module should allow users to vary certain contract features (such as risk coverage/exposure levels, payout structure, geographic coverage etc.) and see how they change critical contract parameters.

2.  Interface with information provision system to allow users to test performance of various contracts by comparing payout levels and variations vis-à-vis historical outcomes.

3.  Allow for back-end interfacing and model revisions by members of the project team.

4.  Allow for relevant data revisions and inclusion for project team.

  iv.  Sales Transactions and Data Management Platform: Revise and upgrade current sales transaction and information management platform and integrate within the overall system.

1.  Redesign and upgrade current sales transactions platform maintaining for improving functionality vis-à-vis integration of the mobile-application based sales platform, mobile-banking infrastructure, and the tracking and storing of sales and other relevant data collected by the application.

2.  Secure the data and provide private access to the data depending on ownership and indicated user-rights.

b.  Expected Outputs

  i.  A user-friendly, interactive, and customizable web –based platform integrating the range of functions defined under the scope of work.

  ii.  A database system for storing, managing and securing the relevant data collected and used by the system.

  iii.  A report enumerating the specific processes pursued and defining the developed system in its entirety.  This will include software used, programming code and a detailed explanation of procedure.

  iv.  A user manual for the suite of applications contained within the developed system.

  v.  A system for support and service to the web-based platform for a minimum of 1 year


a.  Instructions for Proposal Preparation

The selection committee will evaluate the proposals based upon their written technical and budget proposals.  Each section will be evaluated according to the criteria for evaluations in Section V.  Offerors are expected to examine the specifications and all instructions in the RFP.  Interested offerors must provide the following:

  i.  Capability and Technical Experience Statement

Demonstrate capabilities and technical experience by providing the following:

1.  Organization Overview: This information shall include the organization’s previous experience in carrying such assignments.

2.  Capabilities Statement

3.  Project Approach/Methodology proposed to carry out assignment

4.  Implementing Partner/Subcontractor Information (if applicable)

5.  Activity (work) Schedule/Timeline of Activities

6.  Detailed information about how support & service will be administered after final delivery of the web-based platform.

b.  Project Staffing

Identify the project staffing and submit the names and CVs of team members that will carry out the requested activities.

c.  Budget Proposal 

Offerors will submit a proposed budget with their proposals as a separate document labeled “Budget Proposal.” The proposed budget will have sufficient detail to allow evaluation of elements of costs proposed. Budgets should be submitted in the currency in which your organization is located and will be paid. IBLI reserves the right to request any additional information to support detailed cost and price.

Budgets be submitted in the contractors preferred format but must be detailed enough to compare and evaluate individual line items.

Please note:

•  The budget should be inclusive of all administrative and VAT costs associated with the performance of such services.

•  The consultant/consulting company shall guarantee the prices listed in the proposal for six months from the date of submittal.

•  The consultant/consulting company is responsible for all equipment and materials (laptop, projector, projection screen, etc.).

d.  References

Please include three client references and contact information. References should have worked with your organization within the past two years in connection with the countries or regions (and if possible, subject matter) applicable to this RFP. 

e.  Programs Used

Offeror should outline what programs will be used.  IBLI requires that the final product be an open source system/platform.

f.  Information required from IBLI

The offeror must outline what resources and information are needed from IBLI in order to execute the SOW.


Bryn Davies, Market & Capacity Development Manager, IBLI


IV.  Instructions for Submission of Proposal

a.  The technical and budget proposals shall be separately identified as such.

All responses to this RFP must be received no later than 6pm East Africa time November 18, 2013. Offerors must submit the proposal in the Word and PDF formats to: 

1.  All inquiries and requests for information regarding this RFP must be submitted by email to the following individuals no later than the question/inquiry submission deadline on the cover page of this RFP.  

2.  IBLI will not compensate Offerors for their preparation of responses to this RFP.


ILRI will evaluate proposals based on a best-value determination; Offerors should submit their most competitive price proposal. Proposals will be evaluated using the following criteria:


Selection Criteria

Maximum Score

Minimum Acceptable Score

Technical Approach


Personnel & Requisite Capacity


Detailed Time Line of Activities


Budget Proposal





The evaluation committee will review the technical proposal based upon the technical criteria listed above.  The budget proposals will be reviewed to ensure they are complete and free of computational errors. The committee will also assess the reasonableness of costs and the cost-effectiveness of the budget, and will determine whether the costs reflect a clear understanding of project requirements.  If necessary, IBLI may conduct on-site interviews of select organizations to assist in its evaluation. A contract will be offered to the offeror whose proposal has the combination of technical specification, demonstrated capacity and execution plan (budgeting and time) that is deemed the best as per the above criteria

VI.  Intellectual Property Rights

All tangible or intangible property created or acquired under this contract shall be the exclusive property of IBLI. The term “property” includes all data and reports associated with this engagement.

How to apply

Proposals due by November 25, 2013